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and what police are saying about their neighborhoods coming up on the 6:00 p.m. newscast. >> they are charged with ransack homes and then stealing their cars. james, edward and santana are charged and expected to face charges. prosecutors say the suspect carefully planned out that attack. police believe the trio was also involved in a three-day bay area crime spree. san jose will consider a plan to award police bonuses as a way to honor bonuses. they are helping encounter the pension reform vote. last year for the first time in department history, more officers resigned than retired. the full city council will consider the bonus idea next month. >> a frantic and tragedy scene,
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fast-moving fire at mobile home park and despite a neighbor's heroic efforts, one woman died. flames reached 40 feet at the plaza delray mobile home community in sunny veil. this is at 2:37. it happened just before midnight last night. two people, man and woman, were inside the home when the fire started. a neighbor saw flames and started to help. >> started banging on the door, rang the door bell. didn't hear anybody saying kwt what" or answering the door in my way. i then hear sirens. >> a police officer helped pull a man out. a woman died at the scene. investigators believe the fire started in a rear bedroom. no word yelt yet on the cause. >> the focus new orleans should be be on field but tonight the team deals with damage control
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after about a comment about gays in the nfl. >> i'm sure you've heard the story by now. chris culver saying he would be opposed to having a guy teammate. now he did release a statement saying in part he apologized for the words he said in the interview and today he tried to clear the air in what was a very lengthy session with the media. and here are the comments today. >> really just, i was not thinking or something i thought was not something i feel in my heart. >> would you welcome a homosexual teammate. >> if it is, then it is. everybody is treated equally in our locker room. >> 49's ceo said he did talk with culver africa he made the
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arguments. hear your comment on the situation. >> he want to grow. he wants it learn the lgbt community. he wants to learn more about communities at large in the bay area. now it is up to us to either treat that with innocencive or you can take hm at his worse and say, okay, this is a thu positive bb win-win for everybody for the nfl at large. that how i will approach it. i hope chris will live up to the comments, as i want to expand my horizons and i'm truly story what what i said. >> harbaugh says this in no way reflected the beliefs of the 49ers and does not believe this is what he truly believes. >> the parties are beginning.
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flights out of sfo are jam-packed. 49ers fans migrating to the big easy. a lot will hit the convention in the big aesy before the game. >> it is like a playground for adult. good evening, lawrence. >> hey, thank you, janelle. how are you doing? this is a cool experience. you know, when the bay area hosts the super bowl again, we have to have this again. they start here with the draft combine. they will run the 40 in a second. they do get timed. san matteos tom brady, helping kids with their actor. a lost flavor here obviously in new orleans which is a great thing. not just the music and culture and history, we've got a great band playing here. but craftsmanship. ingenuity.
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i will show you this. they are hand sewing foot balls here at wilson soup station. very nice. and again, you wonder how the heck new york can top this situation next year when they have the super bowl. shop all the way down. plenty of things for family and all kind of activity for kids. a miami bealea section here is quite impressive. they last allowed. that what you are seeing there. as we show you the end of the tourney here, what's you make it past the combine, you get to the nfl draft. i don't know if we can see this up front but when you are drafting and you go up with your jersey, and they have -- someone is being drafted a as number one with green bay packers. this is a cool event. just one of the many things all around new orleans during super bowl weekend. tonight at 6:00 we have a cool
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story. something that i came to know about a couple of years ago. a woman i was introduced to who i was told was a super fan for the 49ers. they call her niner jan or niner mom, some of the players called her. she would bring cookies and all kind of well wishes and note and special things to the facility almost everyday for the 49ers. a couple of years ago, she passed away. but her memory is very much a part of team. we get to that story tonight. a cool story. want it share that tonight at 6:00. for the nfl experience, lawrence scott. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, lawrence. we just experienced the nfl super bowl with that walking tour. catch our one-our prime time special. this is the eve of the super bowl pe he will broadcast live from new orleans. here is why, the official post
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dpam live will take you immediately inside the locker room. that's right after the game sunday around 6: 30 pm. tomorrow morning, you can join us live in san francisco with al rock rocker today in the "today" show. if you want to be on the show, arrive on the set around 3:30 tomorrow morning. >> would you mind standing? >> beyonce, still to come at &háhp &hc& don't mess with her. pour stapp tries to put a controversy to rest and stunnes this super bowl crowd, also. >> we have the power to change our world in ways that do make a different. a dominate effect. >> she won her battle, now she want it pay it forward. one woman's quest to help others fight cancer by making a very simple offer. the story that will make you bay area proud. >> good afternoon, i'm jeff in the bay area center.
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70 degrees just as expected. gill roy 72 and cooper tino at 70. details will foryou are coming up in a new minutes.
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confirmation won't be easy. there is a beatle for the pick for secretary of defense. one of his biggest opponent is also a military friend, senator john mccain. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no. i think it is far more complicated than that. >> that is the tone on capitol hill. >> the police department held a moving ceremony today to remember an officer killed in
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the line of doubty he was killed four decades ago. reserve officers lester coal was hit while setting out flares. he was the first palo alto police officer killed in the line of duty. department the department had an official grave site ceremony to remember him. the chief says the tribute was long overdue. >> we kept thinking at some point we should do a better job. >> coal's widow said her husband loved helping people and loved volunteering. she said he wouldn't have minded that the ceremony was 44 years late. san francisco's arch bishop is making international news comparing same sem marriage with male breast-feeding. a catholic newspaper in great britain quotes him as warning against overusing the term gay marriage. because that could legitimize a
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concept he says is an unnatural possibility. he backed california's prop 8, defining marriage between a man and woman. he is quotes as saying, legislating for the right of people of the same sex to marry is like legalizing male breast-feeding. a presuper bowl crack down on counterfeiters had a room full of red and gold. homeland security placed stacks of football jerseys, hats and t-shirts today in san francisco. they aren't for sale. they are efd. part of more than $330 million worth of phony nfl merchandise seized in the bay area as part of operation red zone. feds say the crack down focused on street vendors and on-line sellers with some 300 web sites shut down for selling counterfeit goods. giving someone a ride is something we glad by do for pre
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friends and family. >> often people need them in their greatest time of need. here with the inspiring story of the woman behind the wheel. >> jerry higgs knowes from personal experience how important it is not to miss a treatment when battling cancer. even she was an above average support system found her selves sometimes struggling getting to where she needed to be. what this did is make it easier for her to decide, once she got healthy, to help others. her drive, is tonight's bay area proud. >> it is precisely because sherry higgs has walked a mile in another person's shoes, those of a person battling cancer, that has to days she much prefers to drive. >> ways really scared. i felt very vulnerable. >> in 2010, sherry was diagnosed with inflammatory, very rare, extremely aggressive and often
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deadly disease. left untreated sherry was told she had six months to live. with a young daughter at home, six months was not nearly enough. >> when the oncologist explained to me it was an aggressive cancer, i basically told him that i would like to be aggressive back, then. >> for the next year and half, sherry not only fought the disease, she taught with it. the block she started to update friends and family on her progress gains hundreds of loyal followers. through it she attempted to raise awareness and spread news. none better than the news she got more than a a year into her treatment. >> when the doctor tells you you're in remission, that's a huge high. >> we're going to see one of my favorite client. >> but the end of the disease was juf the beginning of a dream to help in any way she could, make life better for other cancer patients.
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the idea of rides to and from treatment was something sherry said she could have used. >> hands down, i would have done it. >> something katherine is thrilled to get. katherine is one of the first client of sherry's new volunteer powered nop profit drivers for survivors. >> i didn't mind that so much. >> not just regular rides to and from treatment, but a traveling companion. a hand to hold. an ear to listen. the comforting presence of someone often like sherry, who had been down this road before. >> to have a support system, you're going to feel that you're not alone. >> oh, i bet that really made her happy. >> already, sherry says more than 40 people volunteered to be drivers. she hopes there are many more out there interested. in giving rides and giving hope. >> anything to offer hope for a
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person to hang on is one that any direction can possibly save someone's life indirectly. >> sherry is matching up drivers and client, so it is an random thing. you develop a relationship. because of that, there you have to be careful. there is training involved and being involved with people with cancer, the outcome isn't always good. so she does touch on that. >> thank you. >> thank you. chief meteorologist, as we head towards this weekend, we know what we are doing sunday at least. >> whether indoors and big screen tv outdoors, you never know, it is looking good either way. right now, temperatures warmed up above our seasonal averages in south bay. peninsula for parts of the east bay, mid and upper 60s this afternoon. and 63 in sunny veil. one of the warmest this
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afternoon is is coopertino with a major jump from this morning. 7:53, on it is a frk where we should be. by 3:30, up to 70. 12 degrees above average and that heat is mainly fuelled by the drying northerly and slightly off-shore winds about five to ten miles an hour. that is keeping that hour very stagnant with high pressure pushing all of this down to the surface. some of the worst air quality this afternoon in north central and east south bay. very visible on the sky camera network this afternoon. let's look right now and can you see visibility is cut down to five and even six miles with that haze. now we take you to san mateo. also providing awesome sun sets right now. traffic never looked so good. and in south bay, poor air quality across a lot of the santa clara valley. now the weather pattern is going to start to gradually shift. we have been locked in the same
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situation for about the past fwo to three days. ground hog day here in the weather department. shifting gears off south and even a little bit after change with that jet scream moving off, 2 to 300 miles. and that is going to allow a cooler pattern to come our way. also take the drying off-shore winds and they turn more on shore. that's all we need. and by this weekend, 50s at the coastline. don't worry, we will keep that sunshine and back here for the east bay and south bay incentive. and mainly 60s in the forecast. overall, slight cooling there for your weekend. we start off with coldest weather and patchy fog in santa rosa a and 40 in san rafael. 40 back into santa cruz and tomorrow, yes, sunny. hazy. and pollen is high and close to spare the air day. if you suffer from respiratory problems, not bad news in south bay.
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70 in santa cruz, gill roy. 67 in dublin. in san francisco, 66 for you. 68 in santa rose why. 67 in san rafael. dry all the way through the weekend. increase cloud cover temperatures drop a little bit. throughout next week, cloud cover increasing until tuesday with slight chance of showers wednesday night and also into thursday. and a reminder again, don't want to miss tomorrow morning at 4:30. our network colleague al roker at the building in san francisco. and i and hear our morning meteorologist, christina, could be joining them. stay tuned. that is good tv. >> yeah. >> tomorrow morning, 4:30 a.m., al roker and christina. >> yes. >> i'll be waving in the background. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> the surprising benefits of violent video games. >> and stand back, new evidence after flu virus that is more
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contagious than you might think. stay with us.
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in health matters, as we have been reporting, the flu is spreading like wildfire. part of the reason why, a study by wake forest, show is the virus can travel at least six feet. flu patients in the hospital, air in the room was sampled and there was flu particles as far as six feet from the patient. doctors say the best way to avoid the flu is to get a flu shot. stanford is figuring out a way it give people super powers. virtual head ger allows people to virtually fly like superman. in the study, gives them a super job to rescue a child. let's explain here. the exercise found that after acting like a hero in the study, participants who went on to be more helpful in real life. suggesting that video games could be made it make people
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nicer. >> well be back in a moment to answer a question about lip syncing opinion
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. singer beyonce made quite a statement in her appearance today after being accused of lip syncing at the president's inauguration two weeks ago ♪ ore the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ the brave >> wow. >> and with a that, beyonce stunned the media to wipe out
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any doubts about her singing ability. she had questions from reporters and admitted she iced a prerecorded track at the inauguration. beyonce added that performance was about the president and she wanted to do her very best. >> it was very cold and she didn't have a chance to do like a practice run through. so, she has an amazing voice. >> and fully live at the super bowl sunday. way to go.
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on our broadcast tonight, up in arms over gun violence. more than 200 shootings across this country, just today. and tonight, the plan to fight back in the city hardest hit. sneak attack. chinese hackers launch an all-out assault on two of the biggest corporate names in america as the thought of cyber
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warfare just became more real for a lot of americans. mixed signals in the american economy. wall seet closes out its best january in almost 20 years. but what about the other indicators that we're headed for more trouble. and breaking her silence. beyonce shows up in new orleans, and in the process delivers what one reporter called the first in your face moment of the super bowl. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. the people at the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, the people who also compile the numbers, tell us that so far today, 203 people have been shot in this country. that's just today, and just as of 6:00 p.m. eastern time. among the shootings, kaufman, texas, an assistant district attorney gunned down and killed outside the courthouse where he worked.

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